Dynamic Web Maps for the NIU Community

We are able to work with you on your project to create maps illustrating various points you would like to make. Spatial analysis is available if you need to do more in-depth analysis and it is best to contact us to determine your needs. We will publish the map on this site which can be password protected or publicly available to the NIU community. Maps can also be emailed to you as a Google Earth file, as a graphic to embed into power point presentations, or as an interactive PDF where you can toggle on and off various layers.

  • Web Mapping
  • Web Development
  • Print Map Designing
  • Links for Presentations
  • Public Data Assistance
  • Tutorials and Workshops

NIU is also a participant in the State Data Center Network and in that role works with local governments in collecting data necessary to aggregate for the U.S. Census Bureau, such as Building Permits and boundary changes. We also provide data assistance when accessing the Census Bureau datasets, or other publicly available data. Tutorials and worksho9ps have been provided on how to access, utilize and interpret the data. The Census Bureau has many new tools available to extract data on a variety of topics and has partnered with other federal agencies to pull together data to extract a much richer picture of what is taking place in our environment